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Alberto Álvarez


Music and piano are my life and passion. I value and enjoy performing classical pieces as much as creating musical pieces to add that special touch to your creations.

Here, I explain why I can be your best partner, both in a project in which music and your ideas are the protagonists, as well as in concerts.


Alberto plays every piece of the repertoire with almost insolent fluency. He plays bravely, tragically, with a perfect finish, and emotional integrity in front of the audience.

He is extremely creative and humble when composing his own pieces and arranging them, such as with pop-rock. He brings his empathy to his work with the audience, to the chamber music, to education.

Everyone wants to work with Alberto because he learns musical pieces very quickly, and because he is a great person to work with.

Luis Ángel de Benito (Radio broadcaster – Spanish National Radio)

Words don’t beat in the same way without the poet who wrote them, as music doesn’t breathe with the same freedom without the musician who brought it to life.

Alberto has the ability to educate and bring notes to life, (…). His unrehearsed talent and obstinate greatness, stirs up the smallest febrile symptom of sensitiveness to remind you, that you are listening to a true poet and the pianist.

And it hurts them in just the same way, as it hurts you.

And I end up thinking that is more because of him…than because of me.

Javier Callejo (poet, journalist, and TV presenter in Telemadrid)

Working with Alberto is a guarantee of success. He is responsible, a great professional, and he knows how to meet your every need.

He demonstrates infinite interest, and likes to get to know every project in which he collaborates, always striving to ensure that all of those who work with him do so in the knowledge that they are in safe hands.

Clara Ricart (CEO of the symphony orchestra and the choir of WYD)


I am concert pianist and composer who conveys his passion, sensitiveness and the lessons learned to every piece and on every stage.

I have had the privilege of being trained at the Reina Sofía School of Music, one of the best musical centers in Spain with a high international standing. It has been graced by great figures who today are points of reference for classical music.

As a composer, I am creative, a perfectionist, and versatile, and I perform with ease in a wide range of styles, as well as in every project with collaborators of diverse fields. My training as a pianist and chamber musician, enables me to consider the point of view of the performers in my compositions.

I have extensive knowledge in film scoring. Among other formats, I have participated in recordings with Ensemble and in musical mixing with Dolby. I have also been part of news and series production, and have worked on the soundtrack of short films and videogames.

I like to challenge myself, and a way to do so is by participating in piano competitions. Beyond awards, piano competitions are an excellent means to learn, to grow as a person, and to build a relationship with the audience and other musicians.

I never stop experiencing, creating, and performing new pieces to continue growing as a musician. Let my next challenge be with you.


XXIII Piano Competition “Ciutat de Carlet”

First prize in the XXIII Piano Competition “Ciutat de Carlet”

Extraordinary End-of-degree Prize

Extraordinary End-of-degree Prize and 4th grade of piano studies passed with honours

XXXV Piano Competition “Marisa Montiel”

First prize in the XXXV Piano Competition “Marisa Montiel”, Linares (Jaén) Prize to the best Spanish music performance and prize for musicality

III International Piano Competition “Gran Klavier”

Third prize in the III International Piano Competition “Gran Klavier”, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

XVII International Piano Competition of San Sebastián.

First prize in the XVIII International Piano Competition of San Sebastián.

XII Piano Competition “Santa Cecilia”

First prize in the XII Piano Competition “Santa Cecilia”, Segovia (Madrid)

IX National Piano Competition “Veguellina de Órbigo”

First prize in the IX National Piano Competition “Veguellina de Órbigo”, León

XIII Piano Competition “Infanta Cristina”

Second prize in the XIII Piano Competition “Infanta Cristina”

PlayStation Talents 2021

Nominated in PlayStation Talents 2021 for the best soundtrack for the videogame Hell of Fame.


Higher Education Certificate in Music Performance

Royal Higher Conservatory of Music of Madrid
I completed my higher education studies in music with honours in Piano and was awarded the Extraordinary End-of-degree Prize

Master’s Degree in Music Performance

Reina Sofia School of Music
I perfected my piano studies with the prestigious teacher Galina Eguiazarova, as well as receiving advice from other great masters in both piano and chamber music.

Master’s Degree in Film Scoring

Higher Education Center Katarina Gurska

I broadened my knowledge of audiovisual composition by developing a fluent handling of the main musical production programmes.

Piano repertoire teacher

Higher Conservatory of Music of Aragón

Since September 2019, I have been working as piano teacher in Aragón in one of the most reputable conservatories of Spain where I impart with passion everything I have learned from my teachers.

Awarded concert pianist

National and International Piano Competitions

Competitions have formed a huge source of motivation and have provided me with experience and security when getting on the stage.

Chamber musician and piano accompanist

Various musical groups

I love to share the stage with other musicians. I have performed a huge variety of repertoires with all kinds of groups, both instrumental and vocal.

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